About Us

Udaya Gold Buyers offers a quick gold buying. Udaya Gold Buyers is one of the leading but old Gold jewelry buyers offers 100% safe and transparent process to sell gold for instant cash in Bangalore and Hyderabad, India. Also offering a referral bonus to both the person who refers and the customer as well. Udaya Gold Buyers is one of the fastest gold buying companies and most probably only the company with referral programs to its existing and new customers in India which offers to buy, sell, and release pledge gold. We are the 1st company which introduces the concept of buying gold at today’s online rate with a door step services to customers who sell to us. We ascertain to give instant cash for either selling or releasing pledged gold.

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Udaya Gold Buyers has come up with its unique concept of referral bonus and probably only the company offering a bonus to each customer. We transfer funds to our existing customers if they refer their family or friends and they sell their gold or jewelry successfully to us.

Udaya Gold Buyer’s vision is to set up the gold buying business in a most professional manner where we pass the benefits to our customers by giving bonuses. Udaya Gold Buyers wants to set a milestone in the old/used Gold buying business and make customers get the present market value easier in a most transparent manner. We aim to provide financial help to the customers who look for cash for gold jewelry at the best price. Visit our branch and get spot cash for your gold at the current online price.

Who Are We?

Udaya Gold Buyers helps the customer to release their gold loan and other jewelry from banks, pawnshops, NBFCs and buy back the gold at the best price than anyone else. We give cash to pre-closed your pledged gold loan. We visit the location with customers, pay the required amount to release the pledged gold and after checking the purity of pledged gold at our nearest office, We buy back the gold jewelry and pays you the balance amount after deducting the amount paid for releasing the gold.

Our Benefits

  • Your gold evaluation at NO extra charge.
  • Instant cash
  • Best market price
  • Doorstep pickup service
  • Early process
  • No cheating in purity
  • Refer friends and family and get rewards
  •  We are the first certified gold buying company with referral programs.
  •  100% guaranteed to offer the best rate than anyone else.
  •  We believe in complete transparency as our motto is to benefit you not us.
  •  We do transfer your funds in RTGS / IMPS / Google pay / Paytm and other modes of payments.
  •  We check the purity of gold by the latest gold purity checking machine which minimizes the damaging of your gold to nil.
  •  No weight loss or damage to the jewelry while testing.
  •  Customer Satisfaction is only our aim and for that reason only we offer a bonus to each gram customer sells to us.
  •  We do not remove stones/beads/diamonds for valuation.


Create and grow a sustainable service to our customers through the highest price in the market and 100 Percent transparency in Gold Buying industry. We focus on benefittng customers by giving bonus.


Our vision is to set up an organization, with excellent, Reliable customer service, and professionalism unlike any of our peers in this space who not only gives best price but also gives bonus as well.

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